Collection of key-value storages adapters for Golang

This project is maintained by reddec

Collection of storages (and wrappers)

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Different implementations of storages with same abstract interface:

// Thread-safe storage for key-value
type Storage interface {
	// Put single item to storage. If already exists - override
	Put(key []byte, data []byte) error
	// Get item from storage. If not exists - os.ErrNotExist (implementation independent)
	Get(key []byte) ([]byte, error)
	// Delete key and value
	Del(key []byte) error
	// Iterate over all keys. Modification during iteration may cause undefined behaviour (mostly - dead-lock)
	Keys(handler func(key []byte) error) error
    // Close storage if needs

Example usage

static backend

func run() {
	storage :=  memstorage.New()
	storage.Put([]byte("alice"), []byte("data"))
	restored, _ := storage.Get([]byte("alice"))
	fmt.Println("Restored:", string(restored))

Due to standardized interface you may use

dynamic backend selection

(error handling omitted)

func run(backendURL string) {
	storage, _ := std.Create(backendURL)
	defer storage.Close()
	storage.Put([]byte("alice"), []byte("data"))
	restored, _ := storage.Get([]byte("alice"))
	fmt.Println("Restored:", string(restored))

Backends and features

Table of all supported backends and their features.

Backend Description batch_writer clearable namespace
BBolt Single-file, embeddable, pure-Go storage    
Filesystem Local file-system storage    
LevelDB Multi-files, embeddable, pure-Go storage    
In-Memory HashMap-based in-memory storage
Mock Mocking storage that do nothing    
Redis Redis hashmap as a storage    
REST REST-like storage with server handler      
S3 S3 capable buckets as a storage      




Code conventions and agreements


The wrappers itself licensed under MIT but used libraries may have different license politics.